BBC Material

The goal of Business Breakfast Club is to help members improve their business and enhance their professional skills. Through participating in the meetings, we get to know each other both professionally and personally. When we understand a person's expertise, we can make a strong referral. After all, when you make a referral, the outcome also reflects on you.

That's why weekly attendance is so important.  They provide our main opportunity to learn about fellow members.

The group has several tools to help us stay in touch and to share referrals. Those that are available for download are provided here.

  • Four-Fold Member Flyer -- We encourage you to print and share this with your friends and associates. (not yet posted)

  • Member Web Page Guidelines -- Information about creating and updating your individual page on the BBC site.

  • BBC Constitution and By-Laws --  The current version is from January 2000.

  • Officer Duties -- Lists the three elected positions and their primary responsibilities.